ClarkConnect 5.0 Beta 3

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        只要擁有Linux開源軟體的幫助,並且再擁有一點來自ClarkConnect的幫助,你就可以將一台標準的PC機轉化成一台專用的寬頻網關和易用的網路伺服器。ClarkConnect對小型企業、家庭辦公室和聯網家庭而言是一份優秀的解決方案。它在Red Hat的基礎上移除了不必要的軟體並進行了安全加固,一些有用的Internet網關軟體被添加進來,並且安裝過程也被設計得更加簡便。

        Point Clark Networks has announced the availability of the third beta release of ClarkConnect 5.0, a specialist, CentOS-based distribution for firewalls and gateways: "ClarkConnect 5.0 Beta 3 is now available. What's new? A significant number of bug fixes are included in beta 3 and the number of open issues is shrinking fast. The known issues section provides more information. You should also note that a bare minimum of software modules are installed in beta 3 (Samba is one exception). You will need to install additional modules via the web-based interface -- go to Services - Software Modules in the menu. Known issues: the IP settings for the LAN interface specified in the installer might be overwritten at boot time; Samba initialization is fragile, but should be working; IPsec VPN might not work in some cases...." Read the detailed release notes for further information. Download: community-5.0-beta3.iso (607MB, MD5).(責任編輯:A6)

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