Vue.js 0.12.0-rc 發布,JavaScript 庫

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Vue.js 0.12.0-rc 發布,現已提供下載


  • v-repeat now supports using track-by="$index" when there's no key to track. This causes Vue to reuse the DOM elements and child instances in place without re-ordering them, so prefer using it on simple repeats without interactivity.

  • Literal props are now supported when manually mounting a root instance.

  • Paths containing dynamic segments, e.g. a[b] will now create the path if not already present, however, it will throw a warning and prompt you to pre-initialize the path if possible.


  • props are now properly persisted when an instance's $data is replaced.

Vue.js 是構建 Web 界面的 JavaScript 庫,提供數據驅動的組件,還有簡單靈活的 API,使得 MVVM 更簡單。


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