Framework7 1.3.5 發布,HTML 移動端框架

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Framework7 1.3.5 發布,此版本更新內容如下:

  • Material Theme:

    • Fixed issue with not disappearing "ripples" in hidden elements

    • Fixed Searchbar color when using color themes

    • New "Chips" component

  • Calendar

    • New Date Range Picker mode, can be simple enabled by passing rangePicker: true parameter

    • "Date range"-type parameter now accepts mixed types (single date + date range)

  • Push State

    • Fixed issue for dynamic pages loaded with passing DOM directly

    • Fixed issue with Push State on start from inline-pages

    • Imporved behavior with empty pushStateSeparator and pushStateRoot

  • Virtual List

    • New showFilteredItemsOnly parameter to show filtered items only when using filter

  • Modals

    • Reworked overlay's z-indexes

  • Router

    • Added support for passing DOM content in preprocess callback

    • Fixed issue with page.query getting lost for deep Inline pages navigation

  • Dom7

    • Added support for XHR DELETE, OPTIONS and PATCH methods

    • $.serializeObject now serialize deep objects and arrays

  • Swiper updated to latest 3.2.0 version:

    • Added responsive breakpoints support using new breakpoints parameter. Now you can specify different slidesPerView and other similar parameters for different sizes

    • New callbacks: onSlideNextStart, onSlideNextEnd, onSlidePrevStart, onSlidePrevEnd

    • Minor fixes

  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements


Framework7 或者叫 F7 是全功能的綁定 iOS 7 應用的 HTML 框架。Framework7 是免費開源的 HTML 移動端框架,用來開發混合移動端應用或者 iOS 7 的 Web 應用,並且帶有 iOS 7 的原生外觀和感覺。Framework7 也是獨立的原型應用工具。

Framework7 使用 Javascript,CSS 和 HTML 來創建 iOS 7 應用,支持多個平台的遷移(PhoneGap),但是不是支持所有平台,主要還是針對 iOS 7。


1. Clone 或者下載 Framework7 庫

2. 修改 Kitchen Sink 綁定到應用中,或者從 dist/ 下的文件夾綁定

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