Percona Server 5.7 正式版發布

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Features removed from Percona Server 5.7 that were available in Percona Server 5.6¶

Some features that were present in Percona Server 5.6 have been removed in Percona Server 5.7. These are:

  • Handlersocket - This feature might be included in a future release if HandlerSocket starts supporting 5.7.

  • Support for Fake Changes - Instead of slave prefetching using the fake changes, a 5.7 intra-schema parallel replication slave should be used.

  • SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS no longer prints the count of active Read-Only transactions.

  • InnoDB redo log archiving has been removed due to lack of user uptake of the feature.

Changes in Percona Server 5.6 features

  • The minor Percona Server version number (「y」 in 「5.a.b-x.y」) has been dropped to simplify Percona Server versioning.

  • Performance Schema memory instrumentation support has been added to the Audit Log Plugin, Metrics for scalability measurement, and PAM Authentication Plugin, and to the core server to track memory used by User Statistics, Per-query variable statement, XtraDB changed page tracking, and Thread Pool features.

  • Audit Log Plugin now produces diagnostics in a format consistent with the rest of the server.

  • The performance_schema.metadata_locks table now displays backup and binlog lock information too. The object_type column has two new valid values: backup, and binlog.

  • XTRADB_RSEG table schema has been changed to support new possible InnoDB page sizes. The zip_size column has been removed and replaced by new columns physical_page_size, logical_page_size, and is_compressed.

  • XTRADB_READ_VIEW table no longer contains the READ_VIEW_UNDO_NUMBER column, which was associated with unused code and always contained zero.

  • Interaction between --hidden- option modifier and session_track_system_variables has been implemented as follows: any variables with --hidden- modifier become hidden from the latter variable too. Thus, they should not be present there. Even if you never set session_track_system_variables, care must be taken if a variable contained in its default value (i.e. autocommit) is hidden.

  • Nested SET STATEMENT ... FOR SET STATEMENT ... FOR ... statements will have different effect in the innermost clause in case the nested clauses set the same variables: in 5.6 the innermost assignment had effect whereas in 5.7 the outermost assignment is effective.

  • Utility user is treated as a SUPER user for the purposes of offline mode: utility user connections are not dropped if server switches to offline mode and new utility user connections can be established to such server.

  • The server will abort startup with an error message if conflicting enforce_storage_engine and disabled_storage_engines option values are specified, that is, if the enforced storage engine is in the list of disabled storage engines


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