Apache NiFi 0.5.1 發布,數據處理和分發系統

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Apache NiFi 0.5.1 發布,Apache NiFi 是一個易於使用、功能強大而且可靠的數據處理和分發系統。Apache NiFi 是為數據流設計。它支持高度可配置的指示圖的數據路由、轉換和系統中介邏輯。


  • [NIFI-1497] - Access token not included in all requests

  • [NIFI-1514] - ExecuteStreamCommand does not split command line arguments by provided separator when these come from expression language evaluation

  • [NIFI-1520] - Evaluate/Fix LICENSE/NOTICE entries on Javadoc/Sources bundles

  • [NIFI-1527] - Resource Claim counts not incremented on restart for FlowFiles that are swapped out

  • [NIFI-1529] - hadoop-libraries-nar dependency issue for httpclient and httpcore

  • [NIFI-1536] - multiple putHDFS processors can result in put failures.

  • [NIFI-1542] - PutS3Object Processor Logs Errors Without ListBucketMultipartUploads Permission

  • [NIFI-1545] - Update AWS S3 IT tests for new proxy properties

  • [NIFI-1546] - Content Viewer breaks when data reference query is null

  • [NIFI-1548] - Controller Service "Usage" Icon not working

  • [NIFI-1557] - Controller Services and Reporting Tasks not properly ordered in fingerprint verification - makes restart/upgrades difficult


  • [NIFI-1282] - Error message for attempting to disabled port doesn't match error message for processors


  • [NIFI-1556] - Perform Release Management Functions for 0.5.1

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