Apache Storm 1.0.0 發布,分散式實時計算

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Apache Storm 1.0.0 發布了,Apache Storm 的前身是 Twitter Storm 平台,目前已經歸於 Apache 基金會管轄。

Apache Storm 是一個免費開源的分散式實時計算系統。簡化了流數據的可靠處理,像 Hadoop 一樣實現實時批處理。Storm 很簡單,可用於任意編程語言。Apache Storm 採用 Clojure 開發。

Storm 有很多應用場景,包括實時數據分析、聯機學習、持續計算、分散式 RPC、ETL 等。Storm 速度非常快,一個測試在單節點上實現每秒一百萬的組處理。


  • STORM-1670: LocalState#get(String) can throw FileNotFoundException which may result supervisor.clj#sync-processes stop assigning new workers/assignments

  • STORM-1677: Test resource files are excluded from source distribution, which makes logviewer-test failing

  • STORM-676: Storm Trident support for sliding/tumbling windows

  • STORM-1671: Enable logviewer to delete a dir without yaml

  • STORM-822: Kafka Spout New Consumer API

  • STORM-1673: log4j2/worker.xml refers old package of LoggerMetricsConsumer

  • STORM-1632 Disable event logging by default

  • STORM-1667: Log the IO exception when deleting worker pid dir

  • STORM-1669: Fix SolrUpdateBolt flush bug

  • STORM-1668: Flux silently fails while setting a non-existent property.

  • STORM-1573: Add batch support for MongoInsertBolt

查看更多,可以點擊https://storm.apache.org/2016/04/12/storm100-released.html  。


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