Qt 5.3.1 發布

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Qt 5.3.1 發布,此版本作為一個分支版本,並沒有添加新特性,但是對系統進行了各種改進,還有大量的 bug 修復。此版本包括了 Qt Creator 3.1.2 版本,企業版的完全支持 Qt Quick Compiler 1.0.0(啟動速度提升了 30-40%),更新  Data Visualization 到版本 1.1,Charts 到版本 1.4。


    Performance optimizations for Qt Quick Engine』s JIT compiler code generation and important bug fixes, especially on ARM (QTBUG-39289)

    QAbstractProxyModel::sibling to now works in the same manner as with Qt4

    Many small fixes to Qt Quick Controls, for example to TableView, TabView, ComboBox and Calendar

    QQuickWidget now works properly also with ANGLE (QTBUG-39699)

    Qt Quick animations now work also with static builds (QTBUG-37341)

    Fix for a regression of QPushButton with QMenu (QTBUG-38550)

    Fix for a regression on Mac for passing click event to underlaying widget (QTBUG-39322)

    Initial support for Mac OS X 10.10, more improvements will land on upcoming Qt releases

    Positioning backend now available also for Windows Phone

    Accessibility now works on Android also below API level 18 (QTBUG-39508)

    Fix flashing white screen at startup/shutdown on Android (QTBUG-38960)

    Support for upcoming Android L (QTBUG-39042)




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