VirtuaWin 4.1 - 開源虛擬桌面

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        而且完全免費,開源,供開發者使用研究.軟體啟動后顯示在系統托盤,左鍵點擊出現布局設置,右鍵可以進行功能設置.該軟體為 VC++ 編寫,且其作者主頁上有源碼和其他實用擴展插件下載.

下載:VirtuaWin 4.1

Improved the windows help file, now has index and search enabled.

  • 2727927 Extended middle mouse button desktop change & open winlist to include the taskbar
  • 2854161 Added a hidden 'start desktop' config option (.cfg file must be hand edited)
  • 2797845 Improved return to last desktop command to support a rapid switch
  • 2682854 Added XP theme support for setup dialog and fixed several rc issues
  • 2448910 Added option to install for current user or for all users
  • 2789338 Improved error messages in case of corrupt or zero byte config file
  • 2134867 Added "Force release of modifier keys on desktop change" option
  • 2189263 Added improved init and system setup logging and added potential fix
  • 2306168 Fixed setting of last active window when only preserving the Z-order
  • 1842145 Implemented global system hook to detect window activations - new config expert setting
  • 1971856 Added option to open menus at fix locations when hotkey is used and improved the location of the dialog - central in the primary monitor
  • 1983857 Added copyright confirmation notice to icon submission
  • 1942881 Fixed Z-Order of windows assigned immediately to another desktop
  • 2036553 2036555 Implemented systray icon toggle and exit hotkey commands
  • 2089761 Increased the max number of hotkeys to 80
  • 1869917 Added new dynamic taskbar order feature to support Taskbar shuffle
  • Added dynamic taskbar button removal option as a better fix to long standing issue
  • 1979116 Re-implement taskbar activation option to be a window rule option
  • 1964565 Added crash handler and reimplemented showHelp to avoid rare crash
  • 1967494 Close spawned module process handles
  • 1919024 Implemented NAV: Return to last desktop hotkey command
  • 1933182 Improved SetForegroundWindow so focus can be given back to desktop
  • 1930005 Force redraw of activated window hidden using toolwin flag
  • 1953231 Fixed handling of close message so it does exit VW if requested
  • 1950577 Made process name string comparisons case insensitive
  • 1956478 Added portable unicode package creation(責任編輯:A6)

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