Ora2pg 16.0 發布,Oracle 轉 PostgreSQL 工具

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Ora2pg 可以用來將 Oracle 資料庫轉換成 PostgreSQL。

Ora2pg 16.0 發布,此版本主要改進了 PL/SQL 代碼替換,修復了一些 bug,添加了一些新特性:

  • Full migration of MySQL database, it just work like with Oracle database.

  • Full migration assessment report for MySQL database.

  • New script, ora2pg_scanner, to perform a migration assessment of all Oracle and MySQL instances on a network.

  • Add technical difficulty level in migration assessment.

  • Allow migration assessment on client queries extracted from AUDIT_TRAIL (oracle) or general_log table (mysql).

  • Ora2Pg has a "made in one night" brand new Web site (still need some work) http://ora2pg.darold.net/


  • Export type SHOW_TABLE now shows additional information about table type (FOREIGN, EXTERNAL or PARTITIONED with the number of partition).

  • Connection's user and password can be passed through environment variables ORA2PG_USER and ORA2PG_PASSWD to avoid setting them at ora2pg command line.

  • Improve PL/SQL replacement on ADD_MONTH(), ADD_YEAR(), TRUNC(), INSTR() and remove the replacement limitation on DECODE().

  • Add detection of migration difficulties in views, was previously reserved to functions, procedures, packages and triggers.

  • Replace values in auto generated configuration file from command line options -s, -n, -u and -p when --init_project is used.

  • Adjust lot of scores following new functionalities in Ora2Pg, ex: autonomous transactions, dblink or synomyms are now more easy to migrate.

為 ora2pg 腳本增加新選項:

  • -m | --mysql : to be used with --init_project and -i option to inform ora2pg that we work with a MySQL format

  • -T | --temp_dir : option to be able to set a distinct temporary directory to run ora2pg in parallel.

  • --audit_user : option to set the user used in audit filter and enable migration assessment report on queries from AUDIT_TRAIL (oracle) or general_log table (mysql).

  • --dump_as_sheet and --print_header options to be able to compute a CSV file with all migration assessment from a list of oracle database.

  • --dump_as_csv option to report assessments into a csv file. It will not include comments or details, just objects names, numbers and cost.


  • Change NULL_EQUAL_EMPTY to be disabled by default to force change in the application instead of transforming the PL/SQL.


  • MYSQL_PIPES_AS_CONCAT: Enable it if double pipe and double ampersand (|| and &&) should not be taken as equivalent to OR and AND.

  • MYSQL_INTERNAL_EXTRACT_FORMAT: Enable it if you want EXTRACT() replacement to use the internal format returned as an integer.

  • AUDIT_USER: Set the comma separated list of user name that must be used to filter from the DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL or general_log tables.

  • REPLACE_ZERO_DATE: the "zero" date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00 is replaced by a NULL by default, use it to use the date of your choice. Useful when you have a NOT NULL constraint.

  • INDEXES_RENAMING: force renaming of all indexes using a name with tablename_columnsnames. Useful for database that have multiple time the same index name or that use the same name than a table.

  • HUMAN_DAYS_LIMIT: default to 5 days, used to set the number of human-days limit for migration of type C.


  • Website: ora2pg.darold.net

  • Download: sourceforge.net/projects/ora2pg

  • Development: github.com/darold/ora2pg

  • Changelog: github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/changelog

  • Documentation: github.com/darold/ora2pg/blob/master/README

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